An Insta-Worthy Vintage Cafe? Then This Is Your Destination.

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Amazing Vintage Decor of this place will not let you feel any less than some fairytale and will definitely put your Instagram feed on fire.
It's Chessboard floor with renaissance period styled chairs will absolutely blow your mind and with that will the absolutely low prices.
We had too many things at such a low price that it left us absolutely astonished and it's not that the quality of food was compromised.
And wait, they have that (1 on 1)food offer for Zomato Gold users too.
Shen-Shah Pizza (onions, chillies, tandoori chicken) - ₹150
(Yes! You saw that right. It's that inexpensive out here.
The New Mexico Touch (Minced Chicken and hilly patty served on toasted brioche with salsa sour cream) - ₹145
Hot Chocolate Fudge - ₹95 was MIND-BOGGLING!

What Could Be Better?

Nothing can actually get better than this experience. They even click pictures for you when in a group.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Bae, Family, Big Group

Explore the Wanderlust. ✨