Indulge Your Green Thumb With This Online Nursery’s Beautiful Plants

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Root Bridges

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What Makes It Awesome

Stop twiddling your green thumbs and indulge them a little. Root Bridges is now delivering plants and gardening accessories across India!

Besides mothering two humans, I also mother a lot of plants. If you’ve been meaning to bring green life into your homes too, Root Bridges is a great place to start with. This Mumbai-based company does not just deliver live plants and gardening tools at your doorstep but also offers expert advice, tips and gardening hacks through their website. It’s a useful resource for city slickers like us, who do not have the luxury of time and space for nurturing a whole garden. Choose from a large variety of indoor plants, kitchen & garden plants, air purifiers, flowering plants, bonsai plants and more. They also offer seeds, gardening tools, pots, and fertilisers. Don’t miss out on their range of stunning succulents, the most forgiving of all plants and super easy to maintain.


Staying in Mumbai? The plants you order for should reach you in a day. Other cities will have to be patient with their orders because of lockdown restrictions. However, the good news is that their shipping is free and they also send across 25 grams of free plant fertilisers with every purchase. Happy Gardening!


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