This Pool And Snooker Café in Jadavpur Is The Perfect Balance Of Food And Games

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Jadavpur has a new address for pool and snooker. Situated inside Sulekha Regent Estate, Jimmy’s Castle can be your new favourite spot to chill with friends.

What Makes It Awesome

A big shout out to all the snooker lovers! Take the cue and throw yourself into war on the pool table! Jimmy’s Castle houses two game tables, so there are going to be a lot of fights on who gets the next turn. They charge INR 200 for a game of one hour and INR 100 for half an hour. The café is neatly themed in line with the services they provide. The wall arts and posters are all games and sports related, with two figures resembling medieval Romans wearing clothes of gladiators! You will surely revisit your childhood binge watching after spotting a Simpson figure dedicated to one entire wall, immediately after stepping into the café. Their extremely pocket-friendly menu will allow you to have a hearty meal and the cost for two will be around INR 450 - INR 500. They have a special menu on offer everyday, ranging from momos to drums of heaven. Apart from that, grab a plate of french fries, chicken wings or chicken popcorn if you want to go light with the food, and you can quench your thirst in between the games with a virgin mojito or a kitkat shake.


On popular demand, the café is also planning to introduce carrom. Hence, don’t just restrict yourself to one game, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!