Join The Waffle Wagon: There's Yet Another Waffle Joint In Town & They Have Bubble Waffles

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What Makes It Awesome

Bubble waffles are here and this hidden gem is where you can get them. Located walking distance from Forum {in the lane parallel to Allenby Road}, Would You Waffle is the newest entrant on Kolkata's rapidly expanding waffle scene.

They have a huge variety of waffles - both savoury and sweet, regular and bubble versions. Although the batter itself could be lighter and fluffier, they're generous with their toppings and the portion is enough for one person. Bonus points for the waffles not being overly sweet.

What Could Be Better?

It's really tiny - it's easier to place your order, wait outside for it to be ready and then take away rather than trying to eat in the stall itself {it can barely squeeze 2-3 people in!}.
The bubble waffles are a little complicated to eat because they're served in a cone shape - it could get a bit messy particularly if you eat your waffle with ice cream.

What's My Pro Tip?

There's no parking in the area and the lane in which it is located is really narrow. You should take a cab or park in Forum and walk.

Anything Else?

Up for a light snack before you head for waffles? Go to neighbouring Nick Nack for cheese Maggi.

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