Guys! You Are So Going To Love This Brand's Stylish Strappy Sandals

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What Makes It Awesome

Kaka Sumi is genuinely obsessed with making men wear better shoes. After all why should women have all the fun while men are left to scramble with boring generic designs. Kaka’s stylish and strappy leather sandals are a breath of fresh air when it comes to men’s footwear.

This Dimapur-based brand offers handcrafted luxurious leather footwear for both men and women. What really makes the brand awesome is its penchant for dramatic designs (in men’s footwear specially) as well as the use of unconventional materials like jute. Guys, ever considered donning a strappy number on your feet? Well, the Roman Gladiator Yves Leather Sandal with nylon chord is a great choice if you’re feeling adventurous and want to experiment with your look. The Olympian Hybrid Sandal Boot in sand beige nubuck upper and leather soles will charm the socks off you. While classy and formal are key elements in men’s footwear designs, it’s also important to make footwear that’s practical enough to wear in the hot and rather long summer months. One look through Kaka Sumi’s Facebook page and you will fall in love with their dressy and elegant summer sandals for men, perfect for Indian summers. You can switch from dressing up to dressing down in them easily. The experimental designs come in three categories: classic, dressy formal and sophisticated casual contemporary.

Ladies, if you’re use to keeping your heels and standards high, Kaka Sumi’s brilliant mules, with heels as high as 11 cms (!) should be right up your alley. The fascinating thing about Kaka Sumi’s footwear is that everything is manual right from putting the design on paper to sourcing materials to the shoe that fits like a dream.


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