We Can't Stop Crushing Over This Brand's Sustainable Shirts & Accessories!

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What Makes It Awesome

Blending the old with the new is Kaldern, a sustainable fashion brand that makes shirts and accessories using traditional hand block prints but with a very modern and contemporary look and feel. 

I can't stop drooling over their range of chest, sling and cross body bags because they are super light and come with adjustable shoulder and chest straps. They're all handcrafted with authentic hand-block printed cotton fabric and feel perfect for everyday use or travel. The eyewear cases are super soft and stylish too and come with magnetic buttons to keep the glasses safe. I also found Kaldern's fanny packs to be perfect for casual outings and stocking daily essentials. 

You can find stunning designs in shirts, sling bags, pocket organisers, chest and cross bags too. All their shirts are handcrafted in cotton.  Also, browse through Kaldern's Upyogi collection - a unisex utility gear range inspired by street style fashion and designed for the modern youth.

Prices for the shirts start at INR 1,299 while the accessories cost around INR 299 and upwards.


If you're still looking for masks, Kaldern has double layered ones in pretty cool designs in stock. Get yours today!

Also, keep tabs on their website and social media pages for deals and discounts.


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