Kick Some Butt And Lose Weight At These 6 Martial Arts Classes In Kolkata

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Bored of the monotony of a gym? We suggest you give these martial arts classes a try. You won’t just lose all the flab, you’ll also improve your focus and coordination skills, and pick up some serious self defense moves.

Kolkata Judo Club

Opened in 1971 on Mayo Road, Kolkata Judo Club has been the home of the Aikido Academy of India for a while. It is affiliated to France’s Academie Autonome d’Aikido, and is a member of Kokusai Aikido Kenshukai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ryu Ha. They are known to bring in many internationally famous sensei who conduct examinations and workshops regularly throughout the year. Learning here is more of a community experience, students are incredibly passionate about the art form and practice with a lot of love and care.

The principal of Aikido is that one never uses force, it is a defensive martial art which uses the force of the opponent against them. This is a very good option for those who doubt their strength and are more interested in peaceful forms of self defence. The Aikido Academy also has classes in Jadavpur University under the guidance of Sensei Diptanil Ray. Do go by the campus and enquire to find out more about their classes. Call at 09635542608 for more information.

JEONG’s Taekwondo Academy

This outfit based in Sector-2, SaltLake, has grand master Jeong Seongkuk teaches his students with great care, structure and discipline. Taekwondo, or ‘way of the hand and foot’, is a very sophisticated, complex form of martial arts from Korea that is now an Olympic sport. People of all ages are taught here, and they are known to take part and send participants in many international tournaments. Jeong Seongkuk has 22 years of experience and believes taekwondo plays a key role in developing character and personality of individuals who practice this martial art form.

You can e-mail or call 8232962349 for more info, and register here.

Alpha Omega Combat Sports

Alpha Omega offers many different courses like MMA {Mixed Martial Arts}, BJJ {Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu}, kickboxing, Muay Thai, etc. Course fees start at INR 700 a month along with an admission fees of INR 1,000. If you opt for weight training, you are required to pay an additional INR 300 to 400. You get to train under Sreelakshmi Gupta, who is the first MMA female gold medalist in sub-continental championships; and Shibashish Banerjee, who is the first BJJ blue belt in Kolkata. Both the trainers were coached by Rhys Dykes, a Gracie Brown Belt from Australia and a world champion and competitor! Call 9163786252 for more information.

360 Degree Sports

This center gives you an authentic 360 degree experience. With separate programmes for kids, amateurs and professionals, 360 Degree Sports also specialises in self defence for women specifically. They have two centers, at Esplanade and Jadavpur. They also give you a free introductory class which will help you decide what is best for you.

They have different coaches from different backgrounds such as Hakan Ozan from Sweden, a consultant specialising in kickboxing and MMA; and attending coaches like Rhys Dykes and Ramon Alves from Australia and Brazil who are Jiu Jitsu champions. Course fees {for MMA} start at approximately INR 1,050 for the Jadavpur Branch and INR 1,250 for the Esplanade branch. Call 9830056512 for more information.

Indo Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

This is an academy with a lot of history. In 1870s, the Hakka Chinese community that was living in Kolkata, set up their leather tanneries in Tangra, and by 1901 there were over 500 families living here.  The community also created a culture of martial arts in Kolkata, starting with the late Kien Seong Yung who began teaching kung fu in 1975. His first master black belt student, Sifu Atanu Basu is now the only authorised teacher in Kolkata to teach kung fu.

They have many courses – certificate, diploma, degree and short term courses ranging from three months to six years based on level of expertise. They also offer a free trial class, and concessions to students based on merit. You can call 9830374571 for more information.

Ballygunge Karate Institute (Japan Karate Association of India)

Ballygunge Karate Institute caters to students from different age groups, ranging from 5 to 55! The Japanese Karate  Association, to which it is affiliated, is the largest karate body in the world and is registered with the Ministry of Education in Japan. They have many examinations which mark the progression of students from the 10th Kyu to the 1st. The Dojo is closed on Tuesdays.

You have to pay INR 1,000 at admission and INR 400 every month. Classes are held twice a week in different time slots. Call 033-2287 3146 for more information.


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