Kick Off Your Day With The Warm Fresh Bakes Launched By This Lovely Bakery!

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What Makes It Awesome?

What a great day to start with, when you kick off your breakfast or fulfil your mid-day hunger with these cosy smell of freshly baked treats coming from The Bakery at the Lalit Great Eastern, that treasures the heritage of the British era.

The bakery has opened its door to the patrons for takeaway and delivery by strictly adhering to the safety protocols of the 'new normal'.

Recently, the bakery has whipped up its new menu with some decadent baked items by giving a twist to some old-fashioned bakes drizzled with heartwarming fillings that are worth trying with your finest brews and joyous for your buds too. Some warm bakes from the house of far West with interesting doughnuts and buns are also lined up as new additions to the menu.

In frame -

Delicious Chicken tikka bun with its fillings inspired by the taste of Punjabi tandoor enveloped in a cosy soft bun, egg wash glazed studded with black cumin. Served with sour Punjabi pickle.

The creative Tangra Style Chilli Sausage Puff with its curry flavoured tasty seasonings and green chillies impart Indian curry flair in every bite.

Recreating the history from the demolished bakery of Bun House in Chelsea from 18th century - Chelsea Bun. With its glorious look, sweet enriched yeast dough rolled in dried fruits filling and spiced up with cinnamon is a classic one.

Another interesting, pastry is a doughnut with no central hole - BERLINER, traditional fare from the German bakery, a native or inhabitant of Berlin, enriched sweet yeast dough, deep-fried with jam filling and finished with icing sugar on top. Such a hearty jelly doughnut.

Their signature Great Eastern Fruit Muffin crowned with fruits and glazed Chocolate Doughnut with its chocolate dripping from the sides are always delightful.

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