Sanitisation Is The Need Of The Hour! And This Kolkata Organisation Is Doing It Perfectly

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What Makes It Awesome

At a time when sanitisation takes priority over everything else, a fairly new organisation has taken it upon themselves to do the good work.

Kolkata Sanity (yes, I like the name because providing cleanliness is almost equal to providing sanity nowadays!) is offering sanitisation services across Kolkata. Besides, they do noble work too. Kolkata Sanity donates a majority of its profit to NGOs and institutes that are active on the frontlines.

If I were you, I wouldn't worry about professionalism because their resource includes complete disinfection with the use of high-quality chemicals such as Virex II 256 (not getting too much into the technical aspects). Also, their employees, products and services are compliant with international WHO standards.

The organisation has worked with a number of warehouses, factories, residential areas, and retail spaces which includes 8-9 stores in Forum Mall, South City Mall and the City Centres! So next time if I'm planing to visit any of these places, I'll be more assured than before, since I know who did the work! If you are a café, store, office or any business space reading this, or just a regular citizen in need of cleaning your homes, you know whom to contact.


As for the rates, they charge INR 0.8/sq ft.