It’s Lit{ti}: There’s A New Bihari Food Joint in Town & It’s A Veggie Paradise

    Ballygunge, Kolkata


    Littii Express is Kolkata’s newest all-veggie joint and they’re serving up traditional Bihari grub {litti chokha included!} at such affordable prices.

    It’s Lit{ti}

    Kolkata finally has a place where you get traditional Bihari grub and it’s so affordable that you won’t be able to stop eating. Littii Express is a brand new joint and it’s screaming at you to come try their littii chokha. Super bonus point for fast service, bright lighting {yes, we actually want to be able to see our food when we eat it!} and the minimal decor.

    They’ve purposely tried to keep the vibe relaxed and casual – it’s got a slight rustic feel thanks to the artwork on the walls – which is balanced by their clean grey and white theme. You have to take a look on the walls – they have little posters which have explanations of Bihari slang and colloquially used language. They’re hilarious and you can pick some super fun Bihari phrases. Take a look at the placemats as well – they have a brief history of litti chokha {they say it was Rani Laxmibai’s favourite food} with cute caricatures.

    Bihari Bhoj

    Besides litti chokha, they have tonnes of veggie delights on the menu. Both healthy and homestyle as well as indulgent and carb-laden items are up for grabs. Start with patakha fries – a fun sweet and sour twist on regular french fries, it’ll make your desi taste buds very happy. Looking for a light evening snack? The Bhagalpuri Ghoogni which is a lightly toasted chirwa served with an aromatic and flavourful chana is a great quick snack. Move aside, Kolkata-style rolls, Patnahia rolls are here to stay. Much lighter than the rolls you’ll get otherwise in the city, the roti is light and stuffed generously with a hearty paneer-mixed veggie filling. There are tons of fried treats that are totally worth the calories: the sabudana and chena ones are our favourites.

    Want something a little healthier? Try the Begusarai – a steamed rice flour delicacy, it comes in a momo basket and is all the flavour without the calories.

    The litti comes with and without ghee and you can get either the masala chatpata one or just the regular variety. Choose from their range of chokhas to go with it – aloo, begun and more. Wash it all down with a glass of masala coke, lassi, bel sharbat or sattu and you’re good to go.

    Don’t miss out on their array of chutneys which are made fresh in-house every day. They have a tomato chutney, a mint-coriander chutney, a garlic one {our personal fav} and one made from fruit. Their rice flour, atta and ghee are actually brought straight from Bihar so you’re guaranteed that the flavour is totally traditional.



    Anything Else?

    You’ll find Littii Express just near the new Rang De Basanti Dhaba outlet on Ballygunge Circular Road. The restaurant is open from noon to midnight. The best part? A meal for two won’t set you back more than INR 500.

    Heads up – it gets super crowded – so try to go at an off-time if you don’t want to wait. They have valet parking so you don’t have to stress about your car. You can also book the place for parties.

    So We’re Saying…

    If you’re looking for a home-y hearty Bihari meal, Littii Express is where you need to station yourself.


      Ballygunge, Kolkata