Fond Of Konkani, Malabari And Goan Delicacies? You'll Love The Coastal Macha

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What Makes It Awesome

While we were on our hunt for a good place to eat on the Southern Avenue, we came across this paradise for foodies. The coastal Matcha serves amazing Konkani, Malabar and Goan food. With plenty of meat options like crab, pork, squid, mutton, chicken and fish to choose from, it is a must-visit place for all the non-vegetarians.

We ordered Appam with mutton Ghee Roast, and two glasses of Kokam Sherbet. The appam and the mutton complimented each other really well. They were not very spicy and the sherbet was infused with jaljeera which refreshed our system post the heavy meal. The food was good in taste and the staff was very courteous too.

What's My Pro Tip?

Do try out the Kokam sherbet. It is very refreshing and light.

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