Krazzy For Waffle Launches Its New Outlet At Sarat Bose Road!

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Call it breakfast that can always brighten your day packed with carbs or a perfect dessert to date with your sweet tooth. The crispy light brownish wafers - WAFFLES always leaves a hearty impression on my palate since my days at overseas, with its super crispness on the outer side and light inside along with its condiments flowing around the mouth.

One such chain of waffle house - Krazzy for Waffle, that is born out of passion boasts its strong presence in the 'City Of Joy', launched its new outlet at Sarat Bose Road Chakraberia Crossing.

The outlet portrays a perfect canvas to try the delicious ideas coming with fun twists on waffle toppings that carries the actual treasure, served with dollops of fresh cream or ice cream, jelly or drizzled with syrups and fresh fruits as well. The infusion of Bengali sweets as a topping on the warm and fluffy crunchy Waffles reveals a burst of flavours in every bite.

Decked up with yellow and black tones featuring the stylish creatives and inspiring quotes framed on the walls of the outlet, reflects a fun-loving atmosphere which truly justifies that there's something delicious in the house to satisfy every taste.

The ultimate happiness gears up if you pair the Waffles with some deliciously thick creamy shakes like - OREO CHOCOLATE SHAKE, CARAMEL SHAKE.

Coming to their signature waffles -


The star of the show - innovation at its best. The famous Bengali sweet with its roots from Bardhaman  'mihidana' graces as the topping of the golden-crusted waffles, glazed with caramel sauce and a handful of nuts served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream is sheer love.


Always a Nolen Gur fan and this is in the hit list. The pride of Bengal - crushed Nolen Gur Sandesh with all its glory sits on the waffle. Drizzled with Nolen Gur and adding a dollop of Nolen Gur ice cream is simply the icing on the cake.


A MUST TRY for the chocoholics. Purely tempting - Choco based waffle cone with its triple choco delights - Choco cream fillings, crowned with white and dark Choco Balls and drizzled with premium Chocolate sauce. This is ultimate bliss.


The waffle from the custard flavoured batter coming from a special egg shaped mould. Decked up with scoops of chocolate ice cream, nuts, whipped cream and wafer sticks.


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