Kvass, Russsia's Famous Drink, Is Now In Kolkata; Here's Where To Get It

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Tired of limited non-alcoholic options like fruity mocktails? Head over to Milee Droog cafe for a glass of an ancient Russian beverage.

The Drink

Kvass is quickly catching up with kombucha as the newest hot trend because of its gut-friendly, probiotic features which are loaded with health benefits. And Kolkattans can now get their hands on kvass at the Milee Droog cafe located inside Gorky Sadan {the Russian Cultural Centre}.


The Cafe

A little about the cafe which has introduced the Russian drink to the city. Milee Droog — which means ‘dear Friend’ in Russian — is the first cafe in all of eastern India serving Russian food. The walls are adorned with have posters of Kremlin, and the book cases are full of Russian literature.

The menu at the cafe is supervised by Irina Sergeyevna, a Moscovite who decided to settle down in humid Kolkata after getting married. It lists an array of Russian food that will have you thinking of cooler Serbian climes – cheese-filled khachapuris, blinis, pelmenis, syrinki, and pirozhkis with tall glasses of really dark coffee.

The decor is vintage Mother Russia – with handicrafts like traditional khokloma plates {a well-known style of Russian folk art that derives its name from a village in Central Russia}.

So go ahead, say salut the rising temperatures with a tall glass of kvass.

Read more about Milee Droog here.


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