Dress Up Or Down With This Label's Anti-Fit Slow Fashion

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Label Ishana

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you someone who is subtle yet assertive, strong yet versatile and stunning yet understated? Then Label Ishana’s range of free-flowing, anti-fit silhouettes that explores imperfections and bold simplicity will definitely be to your liking.

Nomadic, handmade & organic - Label Ishana's unconventional clothing celebrates the wanderer in you. Relaxed fit and a free-spirited vibe forms the essence of Label Ishana’s clothing range. Their well-styled tops, tunics and dresses in light silks, soft muls or handspun khadi make for loose and fuss-free wear. Her line is appealing not just because of its universal sizing but also for its versatility, style and comfort. Rooted firmly in the philosophy of sustainability, they use handwoven fabrics from Phulia or Murshidabad and their textile process follows the the international standards of fair, ethical and responsible workplace conditions of the garment industry. 

Pro Tip

Anti-fit clothing looks best in solid colours. Wear with slippers or sandals for a summer day look or with a scarf, jacket, boots and boyfriend jeans on cold days.

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