Get Flowers For Your Bae From These Lake Market Shops

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Besides fish, sarees and street food, there's one more thing Lake Market is famous. Any guesses? Yes its flower shops! Be it any occasion, Lake Market stocks the best flowers in south Kolkata. Here's a list of some of the best flower shops in the area.

Lakshmi Flowers

Located diagonally opposite Lake Mall, this stall offers quality tuberose sticks which you can use to decorate the latest vase that you just bought from your favourite home decor shop. But let us tell you that even if it's a roadside stall, there's no scope for negotiations or bargain as they have fixed prices.

Kamala Flowers

Located in front of Allahabad Bank, it's difficult to spot Kamala Flowers as it's hidden from sight. But once you reach there, you'll find a host of bouquets to choose from. Besides the normal flower bouquets, you'll also find ones made with orchids. These bouquets start from INR 250.

Rajkumar Flowers

Wedding coming up? No worries. Go to Rajkumar Flowers in front of Komala Vilas restaurant (opposite Lake Mall) and place bulk orders for decoration. Choose from a range of gladioli, carnation, lily and tuberose to decorate your wedding reception. Decoration rates start from INR 5,000.

Bachu Flower Shop

Bachu Flower Shop is probably the most well-known one in the area. Going for your first date and confused what to gift? Pick up a white rose from this shop because they have some of the best options.

A. A. Mondal Flower Merchant

Go to A. A. Mondal is you are a sucker for roses. This shop stocks eight different colours of roses. You'll also find beautiful chrysanthemums or gerbera (also known as the African Daisy). They also take orders for birthday party decorations. A bouquet here startsc from INR 200.