Calling New Parents: This Start-Up's Genius Products Will Baby Proof Your Home

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What Makes It Awesome

If your tiny bundle of joy has accomplished her first milestone of rolling over from her back to stomach then sooner than you can imagine she will be on her fours ready to explore the world around her. Now is the time you might want to consider baby-proofing your home to ensure your little ones can play and explore without you having to worry about them getting hurt all the time. BabyPro, a professional baby-proofing start-up from Kolkata, have taken up the mantle to make homes and play schools safer for toddlers.

BabyPro is your baby’s safety expert that started with the realisation that girenge parenge tabhi toh sikhenge. They are here to help you give your child a relatively scar-free childhood. They have a wide array of products for child safety — from safety foam strips and corner guards to  door pinch/finger safety guards, electric socket protectors, cabinet latches and faucet protectors. BabyPro’s products are high on quality and installed keeping in mind that your inquisitive tiny soul will have a habit of biting and fiddling with things and might tear off a poorly installed baby proofing product.

The best way to baby proof is to see things the way your baby does. So, they start with an in-home evaluation service and prepare a report on common safety solutions and hidden danger points that are often overlooked. Not just that, they also find out about the child’s behaviour pattern, special areas of concern, fire and water safety arrangements and even car seat safety. After all of this they offer a baby proofing solution customised to your needs. If you want to keep it simple, just pick up the Baby Pro Essentials Safety Kit - it has everything you need to baby proof your kid's room on your own!

Pro Tip

The best time to baby proof the house is when your baby is around 6 months old. Some of the products can be helpful till the age of 5 years and others even beyond that.


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