Like A Dog

Run by Reshmi Sensharma, Like A Dog {LAD} aims to team up with experienced vaccinators and volunteers to conduct anti-rabies vaccinations in and around Kolkata. Focusing on spay-and-neuter programmes as well as anti-rabies drives, the objective of LAD is to vaccinate as many stray dogs as possible. There are three way you can volunteer. One, You can work for the many rabies vaccination drives conducted by this organisation {either help on the spot or collect data about how many dogs were vaccinated in a particular area}. Two, you could help raise funds for sterilisation.

And finally, you could help with the pan-India campaign for a Rabies Free India they are pushing {in association with the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations}. This requires institutional partnerships to conduct mass rabies drives, control sterilisation as well as awareness drives regarding dogs and how to approach them in government schools and hospitals. Start by distributing leaflets and raising funds for this.

To get in touch with LAD, call them at 9831885229 or WhatsApp them at 9831195454. You can also check out their Facebook page here. Or e-mail them at