Loop Or Shuffle: 5 Kolkata-Based Musicians To Add To Your Playlist


    Looking for some homegrown music to add to your playlist? We caught up with ace music producer Miti Adhikari (who was the chief sound engineer for the iconic Maida Vale Studios at the BBC Radio for over three decades) to find out which Kolkata-based music artists - and songs - he recommends.

    The Supersonics

    I first heard The Supersonics in the mid-2000’s. They sent me some very rough demos when I lived and worked in the UK. They had a raw punk rock attitude, but with classic rock skills. A song of theirs that really stands out is “We Are We Are.”

    The Ganesh Talkies

    My brother, Neel Adhikari, had discovered The Ganesh Talkies at an Open Mic at Someplace Else and linked me up to them sometime back in 2012. What caught my attention was their great mix of Bengali classic kitsch and feminist swagger. Check out “Protest.” 

    Underground Authority

    I first heard of Underground Authority in 2015 at a show in Kolkata. They incorporate excellent rap and rock music influences and have a close connection to social conscience. I especially like their track “Where the Streets Have a Name.”


    I heard Fossils live at NH7 in Kolkata. They had a huge crowd singing every word of their songs and they are arguably the most successful band in the Bangla Rock scene. Their singer Rupam Islam is like a god in Kolkata and West Bengal. My favourite song of theirs is “Palao.”

    Plastic Parvati

    A solo project by Ganesh Talkies’ singer Suyasha Sengupta, Plastic Parvati’s songs about about sexual politics and longing were produced in her bedroom. My favourite track is “Stars.”