LOTR, GoT, Catan, & Twilight Struggle: This Cafe In Kolkata Has Over 200 Board Games From All Over The World!

Anuradha posted on 08 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Board games are having a moment with board game cafés opening up all over the world. Kolkata has joined the scene with BogglinGames.

What Is It?

BogglinGames is Kolkata’s first true board game café, a haven for game lovers with a huge stock of over 200 games, and counting!

Why Should I Go?

Set aside a couple of hours on your next weekend, and head here to have a truly fun day with your gang {family and friends}. This isn’t a cafe where board games are an afterthought. A huge shelf at the back is stacked with boxes – you’ll spot the usual suspects like Scrabble, Pictionary, Taboo and Cranium et al. And many others you may not have even heard of.

We loved the games based on Lord Of The Rings and  Game Of Thrones!

You could have a go at Twilight Struggle – it is one of the top-ranked board games in the world. It’s theme is taken from the Cold War.

Enthusiastic host and café owner Kirti Rathi Banerjee will talk you through the rules of games like the very popular Catan and Carcassone {where players create a Medieval French landscape featuring robbers, monks, knights and more} and Takenoko.

Tell Me More

They host frequent meet-ups and competitions {like the one in association with International TableTop Day which celebrates tabletop gaming with simultaneous events around the world}.

They have games for all age groups, beginning with simple ones for kids. You can host a party or a get-together or just come with your kids and their friends and give them a great time away from gadgets and the TV.

The first hour of gaming costs INR 100 and every incremental hour is INR 50.

Keep tabs on their FB page for upcoming events and meet-ups.

Anything Else?

Hours of mind work means hunger pangs. Their wide array of different kinds of snacks and meals will keep those grey cells ticking. We would recommend the excellent Mushroom a la Kiev and the Thai Chicken Seekh with a hint of basil.

And this amazing dessert we had which reminded us of something our aunts would make – subtle, lemon-flavoured whipped cream, sandwiched between digestives. The sweet notes laced with lemon and the light smattering of grated cheese which gave it a salty underlayer – yowza!

So, We’re Saying

Go ahead, challenge your pals to a game this weekend, and unmask someone as a spy.

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Location Details

42/1-A, Gurupada Halder Road, Kalighat, Kolkata