Love Cheese Maggi? Go On A Cheesy Food Trail Around The City {Starting At Just INR 50!}

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Love cheese and can’t get enough of Maggi? We have the perfect list of pit stops where you can grab your favorite childhood dish on the go.


Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji

This joint is a completely unexpected one when it comes to serving brilliant instant noodles. They have the most amazing cheese Maggi we’ve eaten. They take a good long ten to twelve minutes to cook it (with too much love we
guess) and it is totally worth the wait. Much like they do for their iconic pao bhaji, they have an in house masala for the Maggi noodles too. Their secret sauce yet again lies in their in-house manufactured spice.

Pocket Pinch: INR 60 for cheese.

Nick ‘N’ Nac

This tiny yet super-popular joint on Elgin Road takes pride in the way they cook their cheese sauce. Unlike every other place that uses normal processed cheese for the Maggi, Nick ‘N’ Nack has a special cheese sauce, which they prepare in-house. It is really different from regular cheese and to say the least, it’s delicious. They also serve Cheese Wai Wai and trust us it’s a really hard choice to pick!

Pocket Pinch: INR 60 for Cheese Maggi or Wai Wai.

Yummy Bites

This joint is one, which very few know about, but has already been visited by celebs. Yummy Bites boasts of clientele like Parineeti Chopra because of the yummy Maggi it serves. They too add their own masala {and they’ll never part with the ingredients list}.

Pocket Pinch: INR 50.

Saiji Confectionary {Better Known As Maggi Point}

This fairly old and well-known Park Street joint is for all kinds of Maggi indulgence. One of their hot selling items is the Cheese Corn Maggi which has the perfect combination of corn and dollops of cheese, and they add some extra spices to enhance the flavor.

Pocket Pinch: INR 65.


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