DIY Time! Here's How You Can Make Your Own Pizza In 30 Seconds

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What Makes It Awesome

Pizza lovers! This eatery is literally like a dream come true. 

Homeslice delivers DIY Pizza kits to your home – in under 10 minutes get delicious, hot and fresh pizzas! These DIY kits are extremely fresh as they don’t use any imported canned tomatoes or extra-fine flour. They don’t even use imported cheese. Instead, they use handcrafted, artisanal cheese from different parts of the country. All pizzas follow the rules of Italian thin-crust pizzas and use extra virgin olive oil. They take just thirty seconds to assemble and eight seconds to bake – that’s hot fresh pizza in under ten minutes. What can you expect in your DIY kit? A 12" thin crust base, locally grown tomatoes and fresh herbs, three types of cheese and virgin oil. 

Or if DIY is not your thing, you can opt for their freshly baked pizza, which only needs to be reheated for like 90 seconds on a tawa or an oven. How convenient? 

With strictly fresh and organic ingredients, Homeslice is definitely in a league of its own. It believes in food which suits your health needs. Readymade pizzas always stiffen up and mess with your digestion, but Homeslice promises something better, lets you pick your meals from an extensive menu and lets you be the chef!

The pizzas start from INR 375 onwards, you can upgrade any pizza to buffalo mozzarella with an extra INR 50 (or to wholewheat base for free)! These are all 12” pizzas which promise to leave you incredibly satisfied with your meal.

You can order between 9 am to 10 pm.


While you can place an order from their IG account, you can also reach out to them on 9163598564 (for Kolkata), 9920089981(for Mumbai) and 9667760857 (for NCR).

Yep, they deliver only in these three states. 


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