Mamagoto Has A Whole New Range Of Giant Bowls & It’s Perfect For Date Night

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Mamagoto has an all-new set of bowls to celebrate Chinese New Year and they are super hearty, wholesome and oh so Asian.

Bigger Is Better

Sick of going to restaurants and being served tiny portions that don’t even fill a portion of your belly? Are you and bae full-on foodies looking for a hearty serving for date night? Mamagoto has you covered with their new menu, which has a wide range of huge bowls. Exploring Asian cuisine, the bowls dig into flavours from Schezuan, Cantonese and other provinces of China.

Each bowl can easily feed two if not three people and will keep you super satisfied. They come with a main {either rice or noodles}, protein {fish, lamb, pork, chicken, tofu and mushrooms are among the picks} and a smattering of veggies and sauce.

Seafood lovers, you need to try the homemade aromatic sweet-chilli sticky sauce served with jasmine rice and topped with a fresh salad. A mound of the fragrant yet subtle flavoured rice comes with a generous serving of a filleted fish cooked to perfection, it’s a treat for all your senses.

If you love a good serving of noodles, the Cantonese style peppery udon noodles is calling out to you. It comes in both pork and chicken variants and is served with fresh, crunchy ‘Chinese veg’. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the exotic veggies going on in the dishes — broccoli, snow peas, water chestnuts – you name it, they have it.

Vegetarians, don’t feel left our just yet. There are a couple of veggie options as well. We’re all about the ‘Tofu 2 Way’: a noodle-based dish that comes with tofu cooked two ways, one is crunchy and dry while the other is wok tossed in a sauce. The mushroom bowl is another hot fav.

Baos Or Bowls

But before you dig in to your bowl, take a moment to chow down on their baos. Super fluffy open baos with slivers of succulent chicken or duck with a tangy sauce and a couple of pickled veggies on top, it’s a fresh take on the traditional closed bao.

Pro tip: Make sure you dip the bao into the dipping sauce, it’s an explosion of flavour.

Anything Else?

The bowls aren’t going to be around for much longer – only for the next 8 or so weeks so make sure you get your fill of Mama’s homey goodness before then. Each bowl starts at INR 579 and can go up to INR 799 {depending on the protein you choose}.