Get Spain-Like Feels At This Beautiful Cafe In Hindustan Park

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What Makes It Awesome

Marbella's is this quaint, pretty-looking cafe that's sure to give you Spain-like feels. Inspired by the owner Nikhil Chawla's travels to Europe, the decor is colourful, minimal and fuss-free. Ever seen a coconut tree inside a washroom? No, right? We were surprised too! Well, there is one inside the toilet to retain that connect with nature at the cafe, Nikhil says. He has also restored a mango tree right in the middle of this garage-turned-cafe just to keep intact those natural elements.  

The space is divided into three zones - first is the al-fresco setting for sun-kissed mornings with a lot of natural light coming in, second is the 'isoulation' section if privacy is what you seek or wish to work while enjoying a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and the last one is the indoor section done up in soothing colours and pretty lights.

It's a varied menu at Marbella's with croissant sandwiches, sweet and savoury waffles, flat breads, grills and meal bowls along with quite a few and different tea and coffee options. We tried the Hummus Bowl and the Pesto Charred Bocconcini & Sundried Tomatoes (similar to a thin-crust pizza topped with cheese, sundried tomatoes and pesto) and would definitely recommend it. The Hummus Bowl with in-house falafel and lavash was quite different from what you usually get at other cafes in the city in terms of presentation - the falafel was soft and crunchy. The hummus was topped with cayenne pepper and zaatar (a popular Middle Eastern spice) along with pomegranates, olives and microgreens. The chicken and fish grills and the potstickers are to-die-for.

Coffee lovers must try the One by Two that's half a cappuccino and half Americano served at half the price while we'd totally recommend the Moroccan Mint Tea for all you people who can't get enough of chai. Try the Orange Coffee Tonic if you  prefer something cold.


Marbella's also stocks Kombucha now. They've got Atmosphere Kombucha in four different flavours - Raspberry Lemonade, Spicy Ginger, Exotic Lime and Blueberry & Lavender. They're all priced at INR 220. 

Besides Kombucha, they stock a whole lot healthy treats at the cafe. Find high fibre protein cookies from The Health Factory, organic pasta (moong and edamame, chickpea and soybean, green dal and edamame) and chia seeds from Pink Harvest, cookie dough from Scoopski and quinoa and almond crunch dark chocolates from Bean to Bark. Also, find coffee mugs, cutlery and masks.


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