This Sweet Haven In Bara Bazar Specialises In Karachi Halwa And We Can't Get Enough

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Not many would consider Kolkata as the best place for halwa. But you can now satiate your craving for halwa at M.E. Karodia, a confectionery shop specialising in Karachi halwa.

What Makes It Awesome

If you have a sudden urge to have desserts after a hearty meal in Zakaria Street, worry no more! Walk up till the end of Zakaria Street and take a left on to Rabindra Sarani, where you will find this hidden gem. They sell different types of Karachi halwa, which come in three flavours – mango, pineapple and plain. Get your hands on their plain halwa (our personal favourite) which costs INR260 to INR 300 per kilo. You won’t be able to resist their mango and pineapple halwa, which can cost you INR 360 for a kilo. The dry fruit halwa is nothing short of dream and is their most expensive offering, priced at INR 440 per kilo. It i s also really heavy, so maybe get this only for celebrations! All their products have the perfect amount of sweetness – neither too much, nor too little.

What Could Be Better

The shop sells halwa for a minimum of 250 gm. We really wish they could negotiate on the minimum bar for the quantity, since 250 gm is a bit too much to finish on a whimsical desire!


Do try out their aflatoon and dryfruit halwa bars, which come for INR 22 only!