Men, Skip The Mall & Hit This Local Market To Get The Complete Look Under INR 1,000

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Being abreast to the latest trends may be easy, but keeping up with them is no child's play. If you're aiming to get the complete look from a mall, then the task involves scouting through shops and racks and severely damaging your wallet. To remedy this, we suggest you skip the mall and hit the forever popular local market that stretches from the Grand Arcade to The Indian Musuem. You will get everything you need to complete your look (head to toe, literally).

Formal Shirts

Start from the pavement just outside the Esplanade Metro Station. Right outside the Bata and Regal showrooms are a line of stalls that stack shirts. From formal shirts in solid colours to ones with funky prints and patterns, from Chines-collared ones to short-sleeved ones - the variety here is sure to overwhelm you. Walk down a little and you'll spot a stall that sells only white shirts - they have styles from Allen Solly to Park Avenue and even a few unbranded ones. Prices are competitive, mostly ranging between INR 200 to INR 400.

Joggers, Khakhis, Denims & Linen Trousers

Camouflage joggers, track pants, khakis, denims, shorts and even linen trousers - we found everything here and for a real steal. Camouflage is hot this season and this market has a whole array of them in different colours. The simple khakis could give any branded ones a run for their money. Distressed or bootcuts (retro is coming back, dudes), you'll find a whole range of denims to suit your style. The must-buy are the linen trousers. Pale grey to cream whites, these trousers make for a fantastic uber casual look. Oh, and for your lazy holiday mood you've got to pick the funky printed shorts (they are a rage this season - Gap, Monte Carlo and Westside are all stocking them). We found so many here - think pineapple, trees, bananas etc. All these range between INR 350 to INR 450.

Graffiti To Tank Tees

Graffiti tank tees will never go out of fashion, especially if the look you're aiming is hipsta cool. The malls are seriously lacking in these, but this market (check out shops in front of the Indian Museum) is inundated with tanks. We mostly found them in black or white, but the graffiti they sported were street smart and pop culture rad (from the 'haveli' lines to the trending bread man quotes)! The stalls also had Lycra-hooded shackets to perfect the street look. These range between INR 250 to INR 400.

Watches, Sunglasses & Socks Essentials

Sorted your fashion needs but not sure if you'll find your essentials? You will find (faux) Ray Ban sunglasses, Titan watches, wrist bands, belts and other accessories here. Just outside the main gate of Grand Hotel you'll also find several small stalls selling socks and sockettes. Don't hesitate to haggle (they quote absurd amounts), but the watches are mostly priced at INR 1,000, the sunglasses at INR 700 and socks at INR 35. 

Ties, Tie Pins, Bow Ties, Suspenders

A ideal one-stop shopping place, this market could beat any departmental store. We found bow ties and suspenders here as well. Walk down a few paces from Hoffmen and you'll hit a series of stalls that are selling men's fashion accessories. Perfect the formal look with the regular broad-tongued ties. But if you're aiming for something funky, try the slim ones in brilliant colours. Team it with the clunky tie pins to heighten the look. Because retro is coming back, get some suspenders or colourful bow ties to recreate the look. These start at INR 180 and can go up to INR 350.


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