Milee Droog's New Breakfast Spread Has All The Staples In Order For You

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Important meeting to attend or catching up with old friends, the power meal of breakfast can be an occasion for both. And Milee Droog's new breakfast menu has all the staples in order and promises to take care of all all your breakfast needs.

Great For

Healthy Breakfast, Tea Options

What Makes It Awesome

If you're the sort who likes to kick off your day with essential staples, then the breakfast spread at Milee Droog is just the thing for you. Think baked beans and toast to frittatas and pancakes. If you're looking for healthy options, try their colourful veggie tossed egg-white omelette (this one tastes as good as it looks!) and team it up with their nicely balanced French Toast. We suggest complimenting your meal with their brilliantly flavoured Russian tea, but if you are a coffee person, their cappuccino is not a bad option either. Open from Monday to Friday, breakfast will be served between 8 am -11 am.

What Could Be Better

The staples are great, but we were hoping for some Russian options too.

Pro Tip

When in Milee Droog, no matter the beverage you like, we suggest giving the Russian drink of Kvass a try. Cool and matured, this one tastes somewhat like craft beer.

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