Love What You Do? Let This Brand Help You Wear It On A T-Shirt

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What Makes It Awesome

All you peeps with unconventional job profiles and titles, we feel your pain of having to explain what you do to people all the time. What if we told you that now you can wear what you do on a t-shirt and flaunt it? Introducing Mojotrack. 

If you are a graphic designer, sport a Mojotrack tee with ‘Oh Crop’ written on it. Summarises all you are doing in a single phrase. Doctors, sport a ‘Keep Calm & Save Lives’ tee under that lab coat or maybe another self-explanatory one with ‘Eat. Sleep. Operate. Repeat’ written in bold with a stethoscope drawn around the text. You will also find army tees in case you want to gift one to a relative who is in the army, with phrases like ‘For The Tricolour’, ‘Land of The Brave’, ‘Duty First’ and ‘One Billion Salutes’, among other options. Talk about being loud & clear. 

All you men obsessed with facial hair, get the coolest beard tees. You will see one which says 'Wings For Your Nose', with a moustache drawn. A t-shirt with an outline of a moustache and a full grown beard, saying ‘Dads With Beards Are Better’ might be the best gift for your old man.

If you categorise Netflix and Chill as working then check out tees based on popular web series. Fan of Sacred Games? Go bonkers buying tees with quotes like ‘Atapi Vatapi’, ‘Apun Ashwathama Hai’ and ‘Bhagwaan Ko Mante Ho?’ The t-shirts start from INR 349.


You can customise your own tee by adding the text and artwork, starting from INR 299.