Tribal Villages, Festivals & Rich History: This Nagaland Village Has Our Heart

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking for a break from the monotony of life? Then, we suggest you head to this ancient village in the Naga Hills called Mokokchung, known to be the most culturally rich and intellectual districts of Nagaland. It’s home to the AoNaga tribe and also celebrates the festivals of Moatsü and Tsungremong to honour the traditions and culture of the place.

Did you know Mokokchung literally means a group of people who reluctantly left their homes? Yep. That’s right. They also hold ‘Naga Idol’ a challenge organised on the lines of American Idol. There’s lots to explore here like the Ao Baptist or Mokokchung Church, one of the biggest churches in Nagaland built by locals who followed Christianity. There are a few other churches nearby as well that you can visit if you are the religious kind or just interested in the architecture of such places. 

Go offbeat and visit the Longkhum village - the land of rhododendrons, pine trees and so much history. Don’t forget to check out the local market for handicrafts and handloom products. Also visit Mopungchuket - known for the legendary love story of Jina and Etiben, wooden sculptures, tea gardens, mythological stories, museum, library, art and folklore. Molung, Chuchuyinlang (the hub of tribal festivals like Tsungrem Mong and Moatsü celebrated to honour the Earth and pray for a good harvest) and Ungma (the oldest tribal village in Nagaland) are other villages worth visiting.

Explore the Langpangkong Caves located amidst a mountain range by the same name. It’s believed that an Ahom King took shelter here. Peren, Fusen Kei and Mongzu Ki are other caves you must check out. Then, there’s the beautiful Town Park that will enchant you with it’s blooming orchids and wildflowers. Relax while listening to the chirping of birds and enjoying a bird’s eye view of Mokokchung.

The place has lots to offer. One visit will not be enough.


You can also indulge in motor sports, cycling and mountain biking. Don't forget to check the local markets for cane and bamboo products, pottery, kitchenware, baskets, wood carvings and traditional ornaments.


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