We Found You A Creamy Breakfast Staple To Make Your Mornings Healthy & Fun

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What Makes It Awesome

If you love peanut butter, chances are you’ve tried all available variants in the market, but the question remains - have you found THE peanut butter? If the answer is no, you might want to try out My Fitness Peanut Butter Smooth and thank us later.

Made from high quality fresh peanuts and sans hydrogenated oil, added sugar and added salt, this peanut butter will soon become your favourite breakfast companion. Rich in protein, nutritious and high on taste, you can use it in recipes, spread it on toast or simply lick it off the spoon. My all-time go-to recipe during snack hour is peanut butter and banana sandwich, makes for a good energy booster and ensures you don’t feel peckish anytime soon. My Fitness’ natural variant is available in two flavours - smooth & crunchy. They also have the original American variant available in chocolate flavour. Get yourself a combo pack if you wish to try out all the flavours in one go.


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