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Nandan Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Calling all coffee lovers! You can now enjoy a hot cup of coffee while protecting the environment thanks to this brand.

Nandan Coffee is an organic brand that grows coffee using biodynamic farming techniques. The coffee beans are then handpicked and processed using harvested rainwater only at their own Nandanvan Estate located in the lush green valleys of Kodaikanal. Their range includes seven flavourful and aromatic blends grown under a double canopy of silver oak, rosewood, jackfruit, banana and avocado trees. Best part? They can be roasted and ground according to your specifications irrespective of the size of the order.

We loved the Turkish, Espresso and Royale blends. The first one is made using shade-grown Arabica beans and is best enjoyed as a classic Turkish coffee while Royale is flavourful and best enjoyed black or with milk. But if you like your coffee strong, we'd suggest you go for Espresso that's a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. You can also go for the South Special that's basically the popular filter coffee blend.


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