Netflix and Chow: Here's Where You Can Order Chinese Takeout For Under INR 250

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Ten-Second Takeaway

On the lookout for cheap Chinese? Seven places which are great for home-delivered Chinese food for under INR 250.


If you’re looking for a hearty meal on a rainy evening, Kowloon’s warming dishes will give you all the feels. Pork lovers, you’ll get the crispiest, hottest chilli pork around. It’s the best thing they have on the menu. The fried rice has a smoky flavour and works well with the spice of the side dishes.

The Grub Club

Avoid the lack of AC and the constant crowds at this simple food joint, and order in. Try their Chicken Pan Fried Momo, Chilli Chicken and Spring Rolls – they are all student favourites. The combo packs will give you the most value for money. Starting at just INR 130 you get a choice of rice or noodles along with a side dish; you can even add on a coke or dessert if you’re in the mood.


We admit that you’ll have to avoid the seafood if you want to stick to a budget meal here, but they have filling and extremely satisfying noodles and rice starting at INR 140. The portions are pretty big so it’s more economical if you have a big group. Also pick up the Chinese Chop Suey {a variation of the American style} if you’re in for a solo dinner. Look for the closest Chowman to you {they only deliver in a certain radius}.

The Darjeeling

Along with our classic Chinese favourites, Darjeeling also serves duck and Tibetan delights like thukpa and shafalay {and momos of course!}. The food is packaged well so it stays hot and fresh and is also convenient to store if you have leftovers. They take it easy on the oil and spices so the dishes are relatively healthier.

Mini Hut

Mini Hut is what cheap Chinese is all about – bags of flavour, large portions and satisfied bellies. Since the place is very small and only the top floor is air conditioned, home delivery is highly recommended. We love the crispy chilli babycorn and garlic chicken to snack on.


A wok box is all you need to gratify your Chinese desires. You can choose the type of rice or noodle, sauce, meat and veggies and even toppings that you want – personalised perfection at just INR 200+. They even have Wokurritos – an Oriental take on burritos which come for INR 175+. The delivery packages are convenient {and cute!} and come complete with chopsticks, napkins and cutlery.


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