Momos, Doriyakis & Nacho Bhel: 5 New Eateries in Kolkata You Have To Try

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Say hello to the new restaurants that have made their way into the city of joy, into our hearts and straight into our bellies!

Asia! Asia! Asia!

Calling out to all the Asian Street Food lovers! Asia! Asia! Asia! is a must-try if you love pan-Asian cuisine. You’ll have major flashbacks to walking on the road in any country in South-East Asia and eating off the hawker carts because that’s how authentically Asian the food here is. Indulge in Street BBQ and Buffet comprising Neon Dim sums, Tori Tsukune Teriyaki, Robata Claypot Rice, South-East Asian Rustic Curries and more. Don't miss the Doriyaki pancakes - authentically and wonderfully Japanese. They also have loads of Asian delicacies for all the vegetarians too.

Cha Bar

Step into a Darjeeling style tea room with a range of teas (150 different varieties to be precise!) that will excite any tea enthusiast. The positive-tea of the new Cha Bar (on Allenby Road) will lift your spirits, as will the munchies, meals and delicacies on the menu. They have Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, Russian, Sri Lankan, South African and Thai teas. Plus the all-time favourites from the Oxford Cha Bar (Park Street) menu - like masala chai, cutting chai and bubble teas.

Cafe Proof

Can I get a “hallelujah” from all the vegetarians out there? Cafe Proof is the newest kid on the block in Salt Lake that serves pure vegetarian food. Interiors done in hues of teal and white, with lots of natural light streaming in, and details like bougainvillea vines, floral upholstery render a Parisian vibe to the cafe. The space is divided into an outdoor and indoor area with a dedicated place for live performances.The menu includes chaats, pizzas, pastas, Indian dishes, fondues, desserts, tea, coffee, mocktails and more. The cafe offers shisha too. Try the DIY Nacho Bhel and thank me later.


If you’re looking for a place to hang with friends, Marbella's is the answer to your question. No this isn't old news because we are talking about their new outlet on Elgin Road. This cafe's charming décor and soul food menu will keep you coming back for more. We loved the Grilled Chicken with BBQ Sauce served with mashed potato and sauteed veggies on the side. Try the Wok Tossed Shrimp Arborio - a Bangkok-style twist on your regular risotto, packs a punch of flavour.


Lounge 31-A

Did someone say Momos? Lounge 31-A, a quaint and tasteful restaurant right from the heart of Sikkim is here to give you an authentic taste of the mountains. A rich mix of Nepalese, Tibetan, Chinese and native Sikkimese, their menu is delectable and varied. Try the Momos, Thakali Meal, or Thai Curry with rice for the main course. The Prawn Golden Fry and Chicken Choila (Newari) is pretty awesome too!


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