How About Some Cool New Year Resolutions For 2020?

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2020 is here and it means new beginnings and the pressure (read 'resolutions') of doing something noteworthy. We've put together a list of resolutions that will help enrich your life. Here’s how you can make the new year count. 

Lose Weight, Kick Ass

Getting fit, losing weight and having a toned body is probably among the top 5 new year resolutions ever! There are many options in the city such as gyms that don't follow the usual outdated running machines. If you want something fun, go for a dance class, or get fit and pick up some kickass warrior moves with Kalaripayattu classes. Often called the 'mother of all martial arts', kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial art form and combat system that originated in south India.You can even join up a surfing course on your next vacay. There are several around the southern coast.

Take In Some Culture

Hey, you are in a city that's supposed to be high on culture, art and theatre, right? So take advantage of that this year! Visit this multidisciplinary interactive art centre called Kolkata Centre for Creativity, spread across 70,000 sq ft with five floors including a 10,000-sq ft gallery space, and an Imagination Centre for kids conceptualised by author Devdutt Pattanaik that brings Indian mythology to life! Keep up with what's happening in the art world with visits to galleries. Also, Kolkata has many cafes which showcase (and sell) works by budding artists.

Spend Extra Time Well

Kolkata has plenty of organisations that need an extra set of helping hands. Whether your concern is for human rights, gender, communalism, animal rights, there are many ways you can give your time to improve lives. So go ahead, get involved, and give back to society. For ideas on where to sign up, check here and here.

Be Inclusive

Join in and celebrate all kinds of gender identity - there's lots happening in Kolkata. Hit up Amra Odhbhut Cafe, set up for the LGBTQ community, which aspire to be a safe space that can give queer narratives a platform and visibility that the community feels comfortable with. The pop-up cafe and their events have grown to be a very popular and colourful Kolkata social space. You can expect an evening filled with stories, laughter and community building.

Turn Over A New Page

Limit the time spent on your phone screen and laptops and pick up a book instead. According to several scientific studies, reading regularly will do wonders for your brain, and mind. Reading stimulates many different parts of the brain. It doesn’t just make a fleeting impression, but makes long-term positive changes and is also a great exercise for your brain. So go ahead, and make this one of your top resolutions (of course, pick the right books!) Check here for a list of great bookstores in Kolkata. Turn up for all the literary fests that are coming up in the city.


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