Aunty Sima Is Making Piping Hot Nihari Which She Will Deliver To Your Doorstep


Aunty Sima is making a bunch of winter specials {including piping hot nihari} which she will deliver right to your doorstep!

Winter Specials To Keep You Warm

Sima’s Kitchen Secrets churns out hearty dishes to feed not just your belly but also your soul. Run by joyful Aunty Sima, who has spent years in the kitchen feeding her son and his friends {who couldn’t resist her biryani!}, she now puts her time and skills into feeding us poor souls. Besides her usual menu, this winter she’s cooking us some warming delights. Nihari, shorma and even some veggie rice preparations.

Nihari is a slow-cooked meaty broth made with meat, masala and daals and traditionally cooked overnight over lakdi ke chulhe {wood fires, as was done in Aunty Sima’s family}. The recipe she uses has been in her family for generations. She herself learnt to cook from her grandmother. The prolonged cooking makes the meat super soft and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Shorba is a similar dish with a light gravy or halka saalan. Packed full of flavour, you can mop up the soupy dish with warm, buttery naans.


Anything Else?

Still not drooling? This video of the nihari being prepped might help your mouth water!

All the nihari is made from scratch and to order so you’ll have to let them know at least 24 hours before you want it. The nihari {it feeds 10 people, so invite the squad over!} sets you back INR 2,000 as does the shorba.

Give Aunty Sima a call on+91 87775 90538 to place your order. She’s literally the happiest person you’ll talk to! Full of energy and completely devoted to filling people’s bellies and making them smile, she’ll call you beta and then insist you eat everything and more.

You can also message on their Facebook page. Check out their specialties here  and their round-the-year menu here.


Make sure whoever gets on call with Aunty Sima speaks Hindi or Urdu!


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