Order Bongmarmalade's Grilled Chicken And Madras Pork Curry From This Takeaway Joint

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Sometime back, we had told you about Mutton Shutton, the joint that does meaty, home-cooked savoury dishes and cakes and a special mulled wine (for Christmas). They now have a takeaway joint and we are lining up.

What Makes It Awesome

One of our fave home cooks in Kolkata, Mutton Shutton, now have a takeaway outlet where you can pick up dishes from their fusion continental menu. Vegetarians give this one a miss - the menu is unapologetically meaty!

We are thrilled that now we can drop in and pick up jars of their gooey mashed potato with bits of bacon - perfect for wintry movie nights spent at home, curled up on the couch. A great brekkie option is the Oink Keema Pav, topped with fried egg and the pav slathered in butter and lightly grilled.

Wanna do a no-cook Sunday? Order the Lazy Sunday Mutton curry - succulent mutton pieces cooked with potato and egg in a mildly spicy gravy. Or the Forest Rest House Chicken Curry - chicken marinated in mild spices and cooked in dum (the chef learnt it on her travels to Garhwal Himalayas). For something light, try the Bongmarmalde's Grilled Chicken - peppery chicken legs grilled to perfection. Or the Honey-glazed Gondhoraj Lemon Chicken Rice Bowl, served with gobindobhog rice, salad and alu bhaja. Perfect for a hot sultry summer day!

Porkaholics can opt for the Loco Moco Mutton Shutton Style - their take on the Hawaiian dish, it has  meat patty served on buttered rice with gravy poached egg. Or the Madras Pork - a rich spicy dish cooked with curry leaves.

They also do bulk orders for get-togethers. You could pick up plates of authentic Mughlai Chicken Chaap, cooked slowly in cashew paste and spices. Or juicy mutton kebabs with lachha parathas.

What Could Be Better

Nothing really, Their dishes are cooked, and packed, to perfection. So no complaints.


They do home delivery in select areas or takeaway. And you can call them up for bulk party and customised orders.