This Darjeeling Cafe Is The Only Place Where You Get Authentic Nepalese Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Hidden away on the second floor, this coffee shop is one of a kind in Darjeeling. The Nepalese coffee is superb and they also offer a large range of coffee inspired drinks, hot and cold. With an excellent staff and service, it's a contemporary coffee shop, with stencilled Himalayan images on the walls. Take a seat by the window and watch the street life below.

This coffee house is typical of the modern shop with neat wooden tables, stools, and chairs of various sizes. On the main table lies a set of journals for coffee-lovers to scribble their comments and doodles - this illustrates the array of international visitors.

There is a wide range of coffee available to quench your caffeine thirst, from blended caramel macchiato to ristretto, also including a Hario pour over. They also have a varied range of pies, pastries, and cakes, my personal favourite being the oreo cake and the apple pie, which will be a sin to miss out.

Food is also served with a range of a 'big breakfast' {fried foods, sausage, eggs, etc.}, pancakes with a few fillings and eggs served in many ways.

What Could Be Better?

The blueberry cheesecake wasn't up to the mark, it could be tweaked up to be made much better.

What's My Pro Tip?

The Americano was a little weaker than I had hoped for so you can ask for extra shots if you prefer a strong one.