Make Sure To Visit This Famous Chauk Bazaar Cafe The Next Time You're In Darjeeling

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What Makes It Awesome

Glenary's, a prominent landmark of Darjeeling, existing since the British colonial days, is probably the best bakery in town. Whatever be the occasion, this is exactly where you need to be. Remember, the restaurant is located upstairs which you can access through a stairway inside the cafe or from outside the building. And the basement houses the bar which is like a modern pub. All three units are fondly known as The Glenary's in Darjeeling.

Also, the spot offers a balcony view from the cafe, a beautiful panorama of the mountains worthy of a perfect date. So if you are visiting the place with your husband/wife/partner, you can't ask for more. Glenary's hands down serves the best cappuccino and Paris-Brest in town as well.

Ask for the balcony seats for the best view in town while sipping your coffee or hot chocolate, while gorging on your favourite pastry or savoury.


They also serve one of the best cream rolls in town, so you might want to add that to your order.