Try These New Awadhi Dishes From The Unlock 1.0 Menu!

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What Makes It Awesome?

A slow-paced Sunday afternoon was passing perfectly while watching the Amazon Prime satire Gulabo Sitabo, a feud revolving around the picturesquely crumbling mansion Fatima Mahal. This suddenly reminds me of my favourite chef, Manzilat Fatima from whom it has been a while to get something from her kitchen. Manzilat's has re-opened after a 3 months lockdown and perfect opportunity to order delicacies I missed during Ramzan and Eid.

Haleem, a seasonal dish (INR 350+) available only during Ramzan months is made with an amalgamation of two preparations. In the first phase, a mix of lentils and broken wheat (daliya) is cooked with paya (mutton trotters) till it is a creamy paste with flavours from the bone marrow stock. In the second phase mutton korma is prepared with a melange of spices till the meat falls off the bone. Korma is mixed with the creamy paste to give a mushy texture. To amp up the flavour sprinkle sweet caramelised birista, fresh ginger shreds and squeeze a dash of lemon on the top. Those who love it a bit more spicy, finely diced green chilies shall tickle your taste buds.

Chicken Lazeez Shami Kabab is a patty style kabab (INR 200+) where minced chicken combined with chana dal, spices and shallow fried on tawa, is an integral part of Eid celebration. Unlike galawati kabab this needs to be chewed to enjoy the fullest. Both haleem and kabab can be tried with paper-thin Ulta Tawa Paratha (INR 75+).

Sewai Ka Muzaffar, the quintessential Eid dessert (INR 100+) is the latest addition to the menu. Delicately thin sewai (vermicelli) roasted in desi ghee and slow-cooked in sugar syrup with blanched almonds, dry fruits and khoya (milk solids). Once the syrup is soaked up, it's full of sweetness and calories too. Now, who cares about calories during festivals.

Souvik is from The City of Joy, Kolkata and a passionate Bong foodie who cherishes his gastronomical journey. Loves to blog them to spread awareness.