This Seafood Restaurant Has Come Up With A Brand New Steak Menu And You Have To Try It!

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What Makes It Awesome

It's that time of the year when a slight nip in the air makes you crave for something warm, cosy and comfortable and that's exactly why Ocean Grill, one of our favourite seafood restaurants, has come up with a brand new steak menu as well as a live barbeque station so you can enjoy tandoori and grilled dishes just the way you like it. 

The new menu, called Steak O Grill, offers exotic steak flavours that's sure to satisfy those crazy meat cravings. Vegetarians, worry not. There are grilled delights for you guys too!.If it's chicken that gets you going, then Chargrilled Harissa Chicken served with a side salad and ranch cucumber is the perfect dish for you. But if it's pork that has your heart, then go for the BBQ Pork Chops served with mashed potatoes and apple mustard mayo. The Mexican Manzanillo Squid and Moroccan Rus-el-Hanout Octopus are equally good if you're looking to try something different. 

Vegetarians, there's stuff for you too. We'd totally recommend the Moroccan Grilled Mushroom served with mashed potatoes and spicy salsa as well as the Spicy Paneer Shaslik served with sauteed veggies, spicy salsa and chilli jam. Want some extra spice? Well, just let the guys at Ocean Grill know and they'll add it for you. You also have the option of adding extra sauce and other side dishes for a more comforting experience. 

Not only this, but the restaurant has also mastered the art of culinary excellence by introducing for the very first time in Kolkata a real Backyard style Live BARBEQUE station. This Live BARBEQUE Station presents an abundance of Sigree, Tandoori, and Grilled delicacies which would blow your mind with its delicious taste and make you want to try out this new experience again and again. 

Prices range from INR 325 to INR 1,395.


Their live barbeque counter offers a lavish spread of sigree, tandoori and grilled delicacies rich in flavour and seasoning. The spices they use have been sourced from across the world and go very well with the meat.


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