No More Boring Dates: We've Got You Covered With These Offbeat Ideas

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Looking to take your partner out for more than just borin’ old dinner? Here’s a list of things you could do together in the city.

The Good-Morning Date

Dinner dates may always remain the most romantic, but morning dates definitely steal the trophy when it comes to being all happy and earnest. Hit up the city together at 6am and head over to Rabindra Sarobar for a lazy stroll along the iconic lake. The area has enough eateries for a quick snack stop or a cosy brunch.

Or you can head to Prinsep Ghat to watch the sun rise over the Hooghly. And move to the classic Flurys for an English breakfast or Piccadilly Square {on Sarat Bose Road} if you are looking to continue a comfortable mood with warm, fluffy pancakes and waffles.

For The Explorers

Grab bae and go on a tour exploring iconic Kolkata. Begin your day with a small breakfast at Stock Exchange, BBD Bag, a popular place for Kolkata street food. Choose from light chillas, dal pakoras, or dahi chaat along with a cup of classic Kolkata cha. Catch a tram to Victoria Memorial and enjoy a lazy stroll through the gardens and the galleries. Enjoy the street food in the area. Head over to the Birla Planetarium next, because no good date is complete without sitting under the stars.

Dark Matters

This one is for those who strictly believe in the magic of the night. Hop on a boat at Princep Ghat, Jagannath Ghat or take a ferry from Millenium Park and live a dream around the river. Watch the sun set with both bridges flanking you and the lighst coming on across the river.

If you want to pick up the beat, drive to any of the popular nightclubs from Grid, or Monkey Bar, or What’s In D Name. A drive around the city will be the best way to end this romantic date.


Park Yourself Here

If you want to spend a day doing fun activities outdoors, opt for planning a date at either  Eco Park or the Millennium Park. From ice skating to zorbing, Eco Park has it all. Millennium Park, too, has its own set of activities and a spectacular view of the river.

Games People Play

If you love playing games, head out to Smash Street. They have two entire floors dedicated to every kind of game nerd. From board games for couch potatoes to laser tag, three-player air hockey, footpool {football+pool} and virtual gaming.

Or hit the links at a mini golf course. Yule Tea Lounge & Golf Course Café is the first-of-its-kind cafe which allows you to practice that backswing while sipping on some Darjeeling tea. Read more about it here.

Test the limits of your compatibility in an escape room. Put on your thinking caps, young detectives as you take on the rain at these fun escape games. Bring your squad to Espionage or the Mystery Rooms, and spend the rain-soaked afternoons with an adrenaline kick and some Sherlock-style sleuthing. Read more about how and where here.



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