Wish For A WFH Space Like That Of Twinkle Khanna? Granted.

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If you have been Googling for some inspo to do up your WFH space, look up the IG feed of our favourite Mrs Funnybones a.k.a. Twinkle Khanna. It's simple yet there are a lot of important elements in her space that can help turn your WFH area into your happy place. Apart from keeping a neat space and having all the latest gizmo, curating an area that keeps you enthused and inspired is essential too. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite buys to help you create a WFH area that looks inviting, is downright chic and may even make you your boss’ favourite remote employee. Here's how you can create a WFH space that will make you want to work all day!


Home Canvas

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Home office furniture is tricky business. You want something that is functional like office furniture yet something that does not look like, well, office furniture. When picking out a desk and chair, you can opt for designs in crisp whites with clean lines to give your space a contemporary cool vibe. Check out Quratory. Unique ergonomic furniture that actually looks good. WFH should truly be the best of both worlds, specially when it comes to the furniture. It is always better when I can move my writing desk to a comfier relaxed spot later in the day. Home Canvas allows you that flexibility. Their foldable study tables are perfect for small spaces and they don’t even cramp up your style. 



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Once the desk is in place, it’s time to worry about all the clutter you are going to burden it with. Whether or not you belong to the Marie Kondo fan club, being organised and neat in your workspace can go a long way in boosting your productivity. Spin’s minimalistic, edgy and highly functional desk organisers and accessories will leave your desk in apple-pie order. Also check out Fabbity for sleek and stylish leather desk accessories and organisers.


Khidki Store

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Organisers in place, let’s get busy with the stationery now. Notebook nerds, make a beeline for Khidki Store. Their handcrafted notebooks are hipster level cool and are made using recycled material too. Speaking of sustainability, this list has all the plantable and earth-friendly stationery brands you always wanted to know of but didn’t know who to ask. Thank us later! Oh wait, hold that gratitude for a bit more because we are about to inform you of a staionery that your work desk absolutely needs - Humanhood’s Priority Pad. A black wooden base with three marble printed memo pads (100 sheets each) titled ‘first things first, ‘next in line’, and ‘definitely at the last’. Perfect for days when life gets in the way.

Desk Accents

With the basics sorted, let’s add some personality to your work area. Elemental by Nanya’s concrete table accents can add oodles of character to any space. Be it the Nebula Tik Tok Desk Clock to remind you of your zoom meetings, or the Talisman Coasters to rest your morning mug of coffee on. Also check out Yours Concretely. The brand does holders, planters and clocks, made entirely out of cement, and painted in beautiful colours. Adds a little texture, colour and liveliness to your space. 

Wall Art

Wall Mantra

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If you can’t work facing a window (with a view, ofcourse), I can totally relate to why looking at a boring, blank wall might get you down. So, don’t settle for a blah view when you can have a beautiful one. Wall Mantra has all kinds of wall decor to leave you really spoilt for choice. Create a gallery wall of soothing botanical illustrations from the Calcuttan. Your eyes will thank you for it everytime you look up from the computer. Better still frame your fondest family memories in Yatha’s rustic carved wooden photo frames. Stick to a single colour to keep your gallery wall looking intentional and cohesive.



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Indoors all set? Now, bring in a taste of the outdoors inside to get your work area buzzing with positive energy (and Oxygen!). Whether you put up a pressed flower decor, become a plant parent, or just revel in some quality faux-greenery, adding nature to your space can work wonders for your state of mind. Check out Air Plant Planet for plants that won’t ask for too much of your time. Got green in your heart but not in your thumbs? PolliNation has artificial plants that look oh-so-real! It will give you all the planty vibe you crave for without forcing your black thumb to leave an endless path of destruction in its wake. Oh and don’t miss checking out this list for all the awesome looking planters you can buy on LBB to add to your WFH space.


Let’s lighten things up a bit now, shall we? We all know what harm poor lighting can do to your overall productivity. It can reduce your energy, dampen morale, cause eyestrains and give you nasty headaches. Apart from accessing the natural light wherever you can find it in your home, you have a bunch of lighting options you can consider. Check out Decon. It has some no-fuss, sleek and functional options for a home office. Tackle the overhead situation with a stylish orbit pendant lamp from Mianzi. Or add a classic desk lamp with an adjustable arm for focussed lighting. This list here has tons of more options to light up your WFH space.


Now to add some texture and a pop of colour to the floor and what better way to do that than by adding a rug. Ground your space with a colourful rug that will make your work space visually inviting. Rimagined has some stunning upcycled cotton dhurries that will lend a vibrant and colourful look to your WFH space. Want to keep it earthy, boho and rustic? Go for the round jute rug from The Velvet Box. If understated charm is what you are after then Dazz Home is where you should be looking at. Their leather and kilim (my favourite) rugs are stunning in their abstract designs and soothing hues. Be sure to add a floor covering that's welcoming and not too cozy that all you want to do is nap!


Amoli Concepts

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Wait, cushions for a WFH space? You want me to work, right? Oh yes! We really suggest you add a couple of cushions to that chair you will be spending a better part of your day in. The operative word here being 'couple'! Keep those extra cushions for your lounging area. Here you need just enough to be comfortable (avoid any stress to the spine) and keep the look of your space inviting. Check out Amoli Concepts to add a retro, pop culture vibe to your space. Love their Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn covers. Need your cushion to validate your personality with a sassy quote? Band Box has some of the quirkiest ones. Add a bit of desi swag with Chungi Store's Indian couple faces cushion. Love Macrame? Knotty Dhaage will be happy to help. There are so many more options in cushions on Shop on LBB you can check out here.


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