This Accessories Brand Has The Most Adorable Mobile Stands That You Can Find Anywhere

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What Makes It Awesome

Mobile covers are too old. Now go for mobile stands. Ogo Artifacts is a brand which has a lot of them.

Selling a variety of home accessories, Ogo makes sassy and utilitarian products which can come in handy any time, whether for gifting purposes or for your own personal need. Imagine a cute little bear or rabbit holding your phone while you watch your fave Prime or Netflix series. Even better, you watching a DC movie while your phone is placed on a stand which has the Superman emblem on it. But the coolest phone stand we spotted was in the shape of a rotary dial, in full black. Not just mobile phone stands, you can get laptop stands too.

We get it if you've been struggling to organise your stationery and keep it together. To solve this particular problem you can get their homemade planter and handmade pen stands. We spotted one in the shape of an old TV set. They certainly know their quirk quotient. You can buy planters modelled on vintage cars!

If this has not left you impressed enough, then we can assure you that their range of unique hangers will. A moustache-shaped hanger is definitely something you ladies can gift to your brothers, best friends or partners. And if you want something for yourselves, buy the one which has a beautiful swan working as the hook. Don't worry if you're tight on budget, because you can buy something or the other here for under INR 1,000.