Cafe B60: Delicious Pork Belly, Beautiful Interiors & Pretty Shopping Boutique!

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Just a minute walk from Priya Cinema hall in Desopriyo Park is this amazing Cafe B60.

Beautifully decorated interiors with delicious food makes it a perfect place to hang out with friends. What more you can get here other than good food is a boutique where you can have a look at some trendy collection of clothes.

Another thing which deserves a mention here is you can get some handworked Magnets, Cards, Bookmarks, all made by the underprivileged children from an NGO called Calcutta Rescue. It melted my heart, this became another reason I would love to visit this place again.

Now I come to whatI had there was:
Roasted pork ribs: It was so succulent and delicious.
Chilli pork: I loved how you could feel the juices at every bite.
Chicken Drumsticks: Always been my favourite no matter how much I eat them.
Pork Momos: Another juicy dish which deserves here a speacial mention.
Chicken Chowmin: A real delish to munch on with chilie pork.

Other than these scrumptious dishes, Cafe's B60 is introducing combo meals

1. 2veg momo (Fried) + veg fried rice/ hakka chow + 3pcs veg manchurian/(gravy)

2. 2 chicken momo (fried) + egg fried rice/egg hakka chow +3pcs chilli chicken /manchurian chicken (gravy)

3. 2 pork momo (fried) +egg fried rice/egg hakka chow+ shredded chilli pork ( gravy)

Cafe B60, is a amazing place if you love to grub on some good pork ribs, which became my favourite. Beautiful interiors and don’t forget to eye on some pretty cloth collection from the boutique.

A teacher by profession and a foodie by passion