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Don't go with the name and think that this place only serves Roll, no, they also serve some of the best Chinese cuisine dishes. This outlet of Roll it out is located in Park Street, very close to Peter Cat and the other outlet, which is a kiosk is located near RDB, Sector V.

Coming to the food, the best part is that they have a huge variety of foods to choose from and at a very affordable price. Cost for two is around 300 to 400 INR. Their speciality is their rolls. They have seven categories of rolls in their menu, under which you can choose the type of roll you want to have. They also serve some of the best chinese dishes and soups.

We had:

• Pizza roll- Presenting in frame the Pizza roll which will cost you 119 bucks. We all love to have pizza and we also love rolls, so they thought of fusing two of your favorite dishes, and present it to you in a single form, so that you can enjoy two dishes in one. They have their in-house made pizza sauce which they used as the filling along with processed cheese, cheese blends, capsicums, onions, olives, oregano and chilli flakes. You must visit this place and try out their rolls.


•Maggie roll- From kids to senior citizens, all of us love to have maggie. This fusion roll from Roll it out is made by fusing maggie and roll was a blast. I will highly recommend you guys to try this.

• Chicken Nacho Salsa roll- This one was the fusion of nachos and roll. Nachos, cheese blend, olives and many more things were added and used as stuffings in the roll.

• Chilly chicken roll- This one falls under the Chinese categories of rolls in which they fused a chinese dish with roll. We all love to have chinese side dishes, and the most common as well as loved chinese side dish is Chilly chicken. They made the best use of this dish to make the roll mouthwatering. This one is highly recommended.

• Chicken Bhoot Jolokiya Roll- This one falls under the Fusion rolls category. This one is only for people who love and cam tolerate extremely spicy and hot food. Do not give this to kids. This one as the name suggests was very spicy and hot, it will literally burn your mouth but believe me it was awesome. Only people who love this type of spicy food can enjoy it.


They served Melon cooler and Strawberry blast. The melon cooler was a bit sour, but was quite refreshing. The MVP was the Strawberry blast. It was made of pure strawberries. There are very few places in Kolkata that serves pure strawberry shakes.


The most common, yet the best was served to us, Chicken manchow soup and Sweet corn soup. The soups were served hot. The manchow soup was filled with chunks of chickens. Manchow is my favorite, it's spicy and hot. The sweet corn soup on the other hand was light and non-spicy, perfect for kids and senior citizens.


Stir-fried potato and Stir-fried vegetable with chicken was served to us as starters. The stir fried potato was a bit spicy, but not crunchy. I loved the stir-fried vegetables with chicken. It had huge number of veggies along with huge chunks of chicken, stir fried and tossed in sauce. This one is also recommended.

~Main Course

In main course we tried Exotic veg in Hunan sauce, Honey lemon chicken, Mongolian noodles and Burnt garlic rice. I am not a fan of veg-dishes, but this exotic veg in Hunan sauce made me fond of it. It was a mixture of various veggies which are not used as main element in various dishes, like broccoli, corn, babycorn and many more. Previously I have tried honey lemon chicken from various big restaurants and cafes, I used to find this dish too light and sweet, but here they cooked it so well that you can feel the flavours in it. The noodles was thick and were having lots of chickens and eggs in it, and so was the rice.

The best part about this place is the rolls and the value for money. They serve you all these dishes at a very affordable rate, and the quality is also good. The variety of rolls they serve, I don't think that there is any other place in Kolkata, that can serve this much variety.

Coming to the ambience and service, the outlet was small. It can accommodate ten peeps at most. But the outlet is decorated very beautifully, along with quite cheesy quotes around the walls. Their hospitality was no doubt great. Everyone were quite helpful, humble and polite.

Roll It Out


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