Ring Up These Home Bakers If You Are Craving For Your Favourite Cakes & Desserts

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Craving for your favourite cake or desserts? We can help you out. Pick up your phone and dial these home bakers for the best cakes in town.

Suman's Creation

Homemaker Suman Mahato started out as a hobby but then developed a full fledged bakery service, Suman's Creation. She can make cakes according to the client’s request and the theme they ask for. We love their Flash symbol imprinted red velvet cake which she produced for a certain customer. The best part is she doesn’t use buttercream as frosting and only works with fondant, chocolate ganache and fresh cream.


Melodrama is a product of a sweet friendship between childhood buddies, Sreya and Sunayana. The duo has some of the most beautiful-looking, perfectly crafted and scrumptious cakes to their credit. Their cakes are all about drama, with themes ranging from latest Internet fads to popular culture. Some of their must-try delicacies include Bitter chocolate orange cake, red velvet cake and blueberry cake.


Move over run-of-the-mill cakes. From Hilsa platter to KFC bucket, BakingWalee makes stunning customised cakes and cookies that will leave your wondering whether to eat or simply admire. A self-taught baker, Poulomi Mukherjee excels in customisations – from bags to books, noodles to KFC and biryani buckets, princesses to superheroes and theme-based ones like FRIENDS, Harry Potter, Avengers, Nemo and Game Of Thrones. Now you can think of the wildest themes for your cakes, and it's ready before you know it!

Hungry & Skinny

Dishari’s venture Hungry & Skinny has a ‘no menu’ approach to her baking, customising desserts as per customer demands. The desserts she makes are relatively healthier and guilt-free with a distinctive homely taste. Try out her Chocolate souffle and chocolate truffles.

Carrot Sweet

What sets Carrot Sweet apart from other bakers is its tea cakes. Owner Shaleni Arorah is a bawse lady who has been in the food industry for more than a decade now. And her bakery does a variety of tea cakes such as Thai basil, lemon pistachio, orange cheese, etc. to choose from, but the Gondhoraj trumps all. Not gluten-free, but they are all eggless, and you can savour it for at least a week at home. Their cream cakes include Russian buttercream, chocolate ganache and whipped cream, which start at INR 600 a pound and are totally preservative free.


Harshita Mundhra, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate from London is the brains and hands behind this one of a kind production kitchen, Ovenly. With beautiful mirror glazes, velvet spray on desserts and exquisite chocolates, she has taken gourmet desserts a notch higher and what’s more they make cakes for pets too!

The Cake Basket

This home baker will allow you to order customised cakes, from rasmalai to whipped cream fondants. You can choose from whipped cream cakes with fondant accents, something as unique as a chocolate truffle space-themed birthday fondant cake, photo cakes and Pokémon-themed cakes.