Lockdown Writing: Rekindle Your Drooped Literary Senses With These Online Writing Courses

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" ~Maya Angelou.

Have you been waiting to get your hands on completing that book you started? Or struggling to connect pieces of that short story you have written half-way? Well, now is the time to clear the mental fog and pick up from where you left with the help of these online writing courses.

Bound Writer's Retreat

Bound is the brainchild of writer and editor Tara Khandelwal. Bound is conducting three different online writing workshops throughout April - Learn To Write A Story In 2 Weeks with Michelle D’Costa, Non-Fiction Writing with Pallavi Narayan and How To Edit Your Book with Tara Khandelwal. Classes will be held via Zoom. Enrol in any one of these interactive workshops, get a chance to interact with like-minded people, gain from each other’s experiences and insights - all while you are still social distancing! Look up their website for more details.


The popular online learning platform is offering two amazing writing courses for beginners as well as intermediate level writers absolutely free of cost during the lockdown period. If you love writing non-fiction, take up Write Your First Novel by David Wheeler. This course will be available from March 30th, 2020 onwards. At the end of which you would have learnt how to write (and probably completed) a novel of 50,000 words! If you are into writing poetry, then enroll for Sharpened Visions. This self-paced course is 6-weeks long and will take you through the process of writing new (and better) poems. You will also get to peer-review your writings after every assignment. Log in now! 

Himalayan Writer's Retreat

The Himalayan Writing Bootcamp is one of the most popular courses that this writer’s retreat offers and now it is online as the Lockdown Writers Workshop. Through this course, you will learn and you will write, A LOT. You will also learn the rather critical art of editing, and realize how much unnecessary, extra and pompous verbosity you habitually stuff into your writing. The Lockdown Writing Workshop is the same small group experience as the Himalayan Writing Bootcamp. Although the view of the Himalayas is replaced by that of your bedroom window. But everything else remains the same and you don’t have to leave your home to do it. 


Pencil9, a content writing and digital marketing platform, is offering free online training classes in content writing during this lockdown period. This workshop will revolve around travel, motivation, inspiration, stories, poetry and writings on creating awareness on real issues faced by women in our society. This is a three week training programme. Best part? The classes are absolutely free. They will also conduct a test on completion of the workshop, based on which they plan to offer ‘work from home’ jobs to those who are interested.

Pen Paper Dreams

A Kolkata-based startup founded by Indian-American singer/songwriter/poet Amanda Sodhi is all set to conduct a creative writing workshop online in April. Writing is a healthy coping mechanism and stress-buster, perfect for when you are stuck in the house with minimal distractions. Although registerations for this workshop are now closed, watch their Facebook and Instagram spaces for many more coming up. 


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