This City Favourite Café Is The Perfect Place To Order Your Weekend Breakfasts From

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What Makes It Awesome

Even though it's not going to be all-smiles, but some good news is better than no news at all. Wise Owl is now allowing takeaway and delivery.

We know what you're thinking. Wise Owl, immediately takes us back to our memories of sitting in their vibrant outdoor area for hours over endless cups of coffee, and breakfast platters and pancakes. To start with, we would love to re-order their cereals like the pancake topped with chopped fruits & served with honey. Or one can also go for the creamy mushroom mixture for a more gooey aftertaste. And if simplicity is the word of the day, there is the standard pancake with choices of maple or chocolate syrup.

Eggytarians can experiment with the traditional cheese omelette which is served with grilled tomato, vegetable, potato and cheese. But we would personally lean toward the meatier option, the cheese and ham omelette, served with french fries and grilled tomato. They also have sides such as beans on toast, mushroom on toast, sausages, ham and bacon.

We cannot stress enough on how good their all-day breakfast platters are. These are must-haves if you want your first meal of the day to be an out-and-out protein meal. Opt for the Joey's platter which has fried eggs, sausages (chicken and pork), ham, baked beans and bacon with two pieces of toast. They also have a similar all-day chicken and pork platter depending on the preference of meat.


Currently, they're only delivering through Swiggy!