Make Munching Fun And Order Healthy Snacks Online From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Want to make muching a fun habit? Online snacks brand Snackible is giving you an opportunity to do it right! And it's available on LBB too.

Snackible has gone beyond the conventional options of chips & biscuits for snacking options and offers a wide & new range of snacks to choose from. Are you the fitness enthusiast? Then you should start your day with the moringa energy bars post workout. They also have different kinds of seeds such as sriracha pumpkin seeds, peri peri pumpkin seeds and peri peri sunflower seeds in packs of 50 & 180gm. Apart from the taste factor, they bring a whole lot of benefits such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B, a high source of good fats, improved bone health, control of blood sugar & improved skin health.

Try something on the sweeter side such as the sea salt chips (which have been baked using olive oil) with dark chocolate dip or the dark chocolate ragi cookies which can be a perfect accompaniment for your evening tea or your post-lunch savoury in office. Made with ragi flour, butter, castor sugar, vanilla extract and coated in dark chocolate, it can be a very healthy option since ragi is known to be one of the best grains with high fibre content.


You can get a whole box of snacks such as the 'stay at home' or the 'savoury' box. The savoury box offers 9 kinds of snacks in small packs for INR 499 and includes Wasabi Makhana, Chipotle Ragi Puffs, Jalapeno Ragi Chips, BBQ Beetroot Chips and Baked Pizza Sticks with a Cheesy Jalapeno Dip, among others.