Want To Stockpile Your Snacks? This Brand Can Help You Do That

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What Makes It Awesome

Look beyond chips, wafers or bhujia, because good old cashews can do wonders. Get your daily dose of snacking sorted from Bhagatji Foods.

Order different flavours of cashews online on LBB from Bhagatji Foods. We all need something to munch on during our work from home hours, and seasoned cashews from Bhagatji fit the bill right in. Bhagatji offers four variants of their roasted cashews, namely Kala Pepper, Madrasi Tomato Chilli, Mast Masala and Hara Bhara.

These can also be really helpful for the elderly at home since it boosts immunity and calcium content, and reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes. And if at any point of time you want to make kaju barfi at home, they have an instant kaju barfi mix to help you out. It even has the recipe and required ingredients mentioned on the back of the packet.