Say No To Chemicals: Check Out These Organic Stores In Town

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It's never too late to flush out those toxins and tread the organic road. From food to skincare, you'll definitely notice a sudden hype to opt for vegan products. We've curated a list of stores/brands that caters to all your organic needs.

Rainbow Organics

If you've been waiting to switch to a healthy lifestyle, we recommend dropping by this quaint store on Sarat Bose Road. From chemical-free vegetables and fruits to hand-made pulses, pure spices and bath & body care, they have it all. For refreshing surroundings get your hands on their naturally fragrant room purifiers, pure essential oils and aromatic candles.

Auli Lifestyle

If you have had enough of those homemade nuskas and those stubborn pimples and dark circles keep coming back, it's time to give organic skincare a shot. Auli stocks a host of paraben-free, sulphate-free and completely vegetarian wellness products. From handmade body bars to body scrubs, all products are infused with organic honey or beewax.


Forget organic vegetables or skincare, how about giving organic ice creams a shot! From bael (wood apple), daab (green coconut), jackfruit, aata (custard apple) to litchi, black grapes, black berry and aam pora (raw mango, roasted), Bhumisuta's popsicles are tangy, yummy and completely free from chemicals. Besides, they also stock organic, chemical-free foods like dals, honey from Kashmir, fresh vegetables and pickles. There's also a small selection of natural toiletries.


From body-wash to face care essentials, every product of this brand is handcrafted with natural ingredients and essential oils. Be it soaps in variants like French clay, charcoal, aloe vera, tomato and lemongrass or men's grooming range, each product is rich in skin benefiting additives.

Tea Forest

Relieve those frayed nerves by sipping a cup of organic tea. Set in Darjeeling, this brand promises to home deliver freshly-picked tea leaves, from the Himalayas. Take a sip of Organic Indian Masala Chai or Green Tea or even White Tea. These are rich in floral flavours and blended with a host of organic spices like ginger, turmeric, cardamom, peppercorn

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